Christopher Kiesslich

Forests are highly specialized ecosystems which are the basis for many local or regional life processes. They are not only home of many species but also contribute essentially to the climate of our earth. This applies especially for tropical forests. For this reason the working goup ArGe WaldKlima (forest-climate) specialised on all topics related to forests in general and specifically in the protection of tropical forests.

Particulary for the development and evaluation of carbon-offset projects we are offering our over 15 years experience with protection and sustainable management of forests in order to minimize the emissions caused by deforestation and help to maintain biodiversity. (alternativ: helping to maintain biodiversity)

We are evaluating and developing projects based on international accepted and commercially usable standards like the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standart (CCBS). Additionally we are also providing consultancy to prepare for certification according to FSC/PEFC standard.