Michael Brady

Michael Brady is a forest scientist with Natural Resource Canada’s Canadian Forest Service. Based at the Northern Forestry Centre at Edmonton, Alberta, he is part of the Wildland Fire Information Systems Group. Daily fire potential, detection, monitoring and mapping information is provided by this group to management agencies as well as to the public. Dr. Brady also acts as Executive Director of the Global Observation of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics, or GOFC-GOLD, which is a panel under the UN-sponsored Global Terrestrial Observing System. Dr. Brady’s research background is in the areas of land reclamation and peatland ecology in boreal, temperate and tropical forest biomes. He recently returned to Canada after spending over 20 years in Southeast Asia working on forest issues, including peat forest carbon dynamics, wildland fire, and forest mapping and monitoring. Dr. Brady received his B.Sc. in Biology from Acadia University in Nova Scotia and his M.Sc. and Ph,D. in Forest Science from the University of British Columbia.